Date: September 29, 30, and Oct 1st, 2017
Contact: Ann Attal
Location:  Austin Galleries, 5804 Lookout Mountain Drive, Austin, Texas 78731
Reserve your spot by phone: (512) 495-9363 or by email

Oil Paint Workshop

This oil paint workshop will focus on creating paintings of animal portraits that exhibit emotion. Working with value, color and brushwork, what to leave out and what is essential. The artist will do a demo each day before students begin painting.

Animal Portraits

Beginners to more advanced students are welcome. Artists are encouraged to bring their own photographs as reference. Within the great tradition of painting, Linda St. Clair has set herself apart as an innovator who creates animal portraits that explore the personalities of creatures great and small. Whether her subjects are of the barnyard, domestic or wild variety, they are undeniably the product of an artist inspired by wildlife’s vital energy and its broad emotional range.

Contact Ann Attal at Austin Galleries for more details.

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